2018 Skyline Coaching Staff


Jeremy Grant

Head Coach - BANTAMS



Coaching Philosophy

Little league sports are a great time to learn the sport and have a lot of fun doing it. The relationships gained and the lessons learned about hard work, responsibility, and dedication are lifetime benefits to being involved in a team sport. I hope I can help the great kids playing football learn these lessons and enjoy the game of football. I have been involved in sport my whole life. I grew up playing and watching basketball constantly. With four great kids I have come to love other sports as well. I have coached many little league teams including basketball, baseball, and soccer. My wife Cynthia, who grew up here and went to Skyline, and I really enjoy being part of skyline youth football and look forward to several more years.

Bantam Assistant Coaches

Pics coming soon!

Joe Touhuni

Head Coach - GRIDIRON






Coaching Philosophy

I came from a pretty rough upbringing. I grew up with no discipline, no work ethic, no confidence, no toughness, and only a few friends. I remember how hard life seemed to be. One day my cousin was riding his bike with some pads on. He was heading to football practice. He suggested I come out to play. I never would have thought that a sport could change my life as much as it did. Not from winning games, but from learning dedication, accountability, brotherhood, sacrifice, and courage... just to name a few. I can almost relate any life lesson to some skill that I learned through football. I have had coaches that believed in me enough that I started believing in myself. The confidence, and leadership that I have gained in football has become the catalyst to becoming successful in life. I could never pay back the coaches that meant so much to me. The only thing I can do is pay it forward... and that's why I coach. 

I see so much potential in the kids up here at Skyline to be the future leaders of an upcoming generation. I truly believe that their individual talents can become substantial to all of our futures, and I make it my goal to help them believe it as well. 



Gridiron Assistant Coaches

Dave Bridge

Dave Bridge

Brian Bowen

Head Coach - MITYMITES


Alex Barrus

Head Coach - PEEWEE


Pat Wilkinson

Head Coach - GREMLINS


Pat Wilkinson

Pat Wilkinson