2017 Skyline Coaching Staff


Jake Delong

Head Coach - BANTAMS


Coaching Philosophy

I fell in love with football at a young age and the game has continued to be a passion of mine as a fan and a coach. This will be my fourth season coaching for Skyline and my third season as a head coach.  I am just a part of a great team of coaches that have provided all of our teams with outstanding support.

It is a great privilege to be able to pass along the highly rewarding philosophies that football can provide to young players. I really enjoy putting in the time with players and coaches that have the same kind of passion for the game as myself.

Teamwork, preparation and hard work are the most important values that I try to instill in my teams. These values are not only useful for success in football but also important for success in life, as they become young adults. From these values we create a highly competitive environment on the practice field and on game day.

Bantam Assistant Coaches

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Jeremy Grant

Head Coach - GRIDIRON






Coaching Philosophy

Little league sports are a great time to learn the sport and have a lot of fun doing it. The relationships gained and the lessons learned about hard work, responsibility, and dedication are lifetime benefits to being involved in a team sport. I hope I can help the great kids playing football learn these lessons and enjoy the game of football. I have been involved in sport my whole life. I grew up playing and watching basketball constantly. With four great kids I have come to love other sports as well. I have coached many little league teams including basketball, baseball, and soccer. My wife Cynthia, who grew up here and went to Skyline, and I really enjoy being part of skyline youth football and look forward to several more years.



Gridiron Assistant Coaches

                       Jeff George

                      Jeff George

                 Dave Bridge

                Dave Bridge

Joe Touhuni

Head Coach - MITYMITES


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I came from a pretty rough upbringing. I grew up with no discipline, no work ethic, no confidence, no toughness, and only a few friends. I remember how hard life seemed to be. One day my cousin was riding his bike with some pads on. He was heading to football practice. He suggested I come out to play. I never would have thought that a sport could change my life as much as it did. Not from winning games, but from learning dedication, accountability, brotherhood, sacrifice, and courage... just to name a few. I can almost relate any life lesson to some skill that I learned through football. I have had coaches that believed in me enough that I started believing in myself. The confidence, and leadership that I have gained in football has become the catalyst to becoming successful in life. I could never pay back the coaches that meant so much to me. The only thing I can do is pay if forward... and that's why I coach. 

I see so much potential in the kids up here at Skyline to be the future leaders of an upcoming generation. I truly believe that their individual talents can become substantial to all of our futures, and I make it my goal to help them believe it as well. 

Brian Bowen

Head Coach - PEEWEE



PeeWee Assistant Coaches

                     Pat Wilkinson

                    Pat Wilkinson

Alex Barrus

Head Coach - GREMLINS



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